Munnar is a hill station and it has pretty chilling climate all around the year. The best time to visit Munnar depends on your purpose of visit and also other factors like your budget, vacation dates and so on.

Best time to Visit Munnar: Munnar Climate

The climate in Munnar is mostly chilling cold, especially during the winter. See the month-wise temperature chart below:

January:This is the coldest month in Munnar. The temperature during January varies between 10°C to 20°C. Sometimes the temperature can go really low and don’t be surprised if it hits freezing low.

February: Feb is also a relatively cold month in Munnar hill town. Towards the end of the month, the temperature starts going up slightly and you may not see any more freezing nights.

March:The summer is about to begin in Kerala. Temperature varies between 15°C to 25°C.

April & May:This is the peak of summer in Kerala. However, Munnar still enjoys pretty low temperature compared to the rest of the places in Kerala. Even during the peak of summer, the temperature in this hill town doesn’t exceed 30°C. The typical daytime temperature during summer in Munnar is about 26°C.

June & July:This is the peak of monsoon in Kerala. Even though it rains a lot in Munnar, the temperature remains pretty much the same as other months.

August, September & October : These 3 months have a very pleasant Climate in Munnar. Monsoon is over and you will see excellent greenery everywhere. August to February is the best season to visit Munnar.

November & December:This is the peak time Munnar is filled with tourists. Almost all resorts and hotels will be fully booked during this period. You may fail to get a place to stay without advance booking. The rates are also at the peak during this period.

If you are visiting Munnar to enjoy the chilling weather of the state, you may want to prefer November, December, January, and February, this is the Best time to Visit Munnar. However, if you are heading to this place to escape the heat in your place, then anytime is a good time to be in Munnar. The heavy rains during the monsoon (June, July) may cause some mess in some areas of Munnar. However, many foreign tourists seem to enjoy the rains in this place. In fact, the rains bring out the best in nature here. You will see a lot of greenery everywhere after a few weeks of rain.

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