Visitors to Munnar have several choices for accommodation, starting from luxury resorts to budget hotels. Homestays in Munnar are getting popular in the last few years. According to the Kerala Tourist department, there are more than 70 approved homestays in Idukki district, out of which nearly 40 of Homestays are in Munnar area.

If you are on a tight budget or if you like to experience the typical Kerala style home living, homestay in Munnar is a great option.

When you choose a homestay in Munnar, make sure you choose an approved place. There are several homestays which are functioning with some temporary approval from various departments but are not fully approved as licensed homestays. When you are making the reservation, ask them directly and make sure they are licensed to operate the homestay and also they have all legal clearance to accommodate guests.

Safety tips for homestays in Munnar

Safety is a major concern for tourists, especially when women are travelling alone. Most women travellers prefer to stay in a safe hotel or resort and avoid homestays due to safety concerns. In Munnar too, if you are women and travelling alone, I would suggest you book a room in a hotel or resort rather than a homestay unless you have a direct reference from a friend or someone who have already stayed there. I don’t mean the Munnar homestays are unsafe for women. The primary reason I recommended hotels for women tourists is, most of the homestays are away from the town and you may have to go through country roads to reach the place. It may be difficult for women tourists to travel alone and reach the place if they have to drive around in the late hours.

There are a lot of safe homestays in Munnar. When you make a reservation, just ask how far they are located from the main roads and the towns. Ask them if it is safe to travel to the home in the late hours. Also, check if there are other houses in the neighbourhood. You may want to avoid homestays that are located in the middle of the forest or have no proper access roads. However, if you are travelling with family or with a big group, then safety may not be a big concern for you. In such cases, you may pick up any homestays that offer the best natural views of hills and valleys.

I have personally stayed in a homestay in Munnar called “LizzMerry Casa” and we really enjoyed our stay.

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